#10 million Donation To #FundKidsLikeSuccess

#10 million announced as seed capital for the initiation of #FudKidsLikSuccess campaign

UMEH Group declares onset of #FundKidsLikeSuccess campaign and encourages every celebrity, influencer, political party, or any individual to announce participation, financial or social to contribute in this collective cause.

March 17, 2019
Success Adegor, living in a remote village of , Warri, Delta state, Nigeria was sent back home from school as a consequence of her parents inability to submit her school fee. As a fee defaulter, Success was flogged by her School Authorities in response to the policy followed by Nigeria since ages. She gained attention from the world as a video of her response to perceived injustice went viral online lately.

Barely 6 years old, flogged by her teachers, and torn down by an unfortunate economic status, did not let Success stay at home, as she arrived back on the same road to her school, but this time with outspoken ability to face the repetitive flogging, and resume her studies. Her undefeated zeal to study reveals plausible passion and also circles the present condition of millions of other kids like Success, who go through the same fate everyday.

Xolane Ndhlovu, Founder & CEO of UMEH Group Limited, spotted her appealing ability and unfractured determination to resume studies irrespective of the consequences that lays ahead of her. Upon immediate notification of the incidence, Ndhlovu pledged to sponsor Success’s academic through to university level, which later was believed to be handled by many others already, so his attention shifted towards another greater cause i.e. rendering a mass movement through the campaign.

Ndhlovu’s progressive and entrepreneurial competence is to be credited for the materialization of the #FundKidsLikeSuccess campaign as it triggers a worldwide movement at this right moment.

The #FundKidsLikeSuccess will bind the community and movement together and will act as an alternative approach to reach out-of-school kids. This non-traditional campaign will improve the availability and accessibility of basic education to kids in Africa and encourage greater investments and awareness. Participation as minimal as providing clothes, offering small, partial or full scholarship, and giving shoes to any disadvantaged kid will enable anyone to be a stakeholder in the campaign. Record a video picture, and upload it on social media channel with the hashtags #FindKidsLikeSuccess #FundKidsLikeSuccess,#KeepItGoing and #AfricaWeGotThis, so as the contribution is recorded in the ongoing movement further enabling a grand awareness.

UMEH Group Educational Fund pledged N10 million as a seed capital. The beneficiaries will be selected from the campaign hashtag #FundKidsLikeSuccess. With the campaign two major objectives of finding more kids like Success and celebration of valued contributors will be fulfilled,further making the whole exercise a step towards a social shift in Africa.

African kids have been a victim of insufficient focus from the Government since decades. Also distressed politics, lack of funds,and corrupted social attitude are few other reasons responsible for the present unfortunate outcomes,just like the case of Success. This needs global attention, systematic programmes,proper funds and wide awareness,so as a greater result can be achieved.

About UMEH Group:
UMEH Group Limited, a Multi Corporation Company running parallel businesses in Logistics, Media, Real Estate, Investments and Consulting, incorporates realistic and socialist agendas to contribute entirely in the direction of making education available in poor African areas.

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